Org-ology Strategy and Operations Practice — Org-ology Strategy and Operations practice specializes in providing broad-based organizational consulting services designed to help organizations in their efforts to integrate processes solutions with their business strategy.

Strategy and Operations services are designed to help organizations in their efforts to enhance their performance, productivity, and profitability through their processes and functional areas of expertise. Our Strategy and Operations practitioners have core capabilities in the following areas:

Organizational Needs Analysis – Org-ology knows that you have to have the right data to offer the right solution. We gather the data, ask the right questions and most importantly we sift the data. With a deep understanding of organizations and people Org-ology collaborates with you to understand what the data means, presents cost-effective choices, develops, delivers and measures outcomes.

Strategy & Organization Development – Org-ology uses an action-research and process-consultation approach to assist organizations in the identification and assessment of current processes and procedures. In simple terms this means that we partner with you, use research, data and best practices, and in that collaboration find the best-fit for your organization. We help the organization to diagnose strengths and weaknesses effectively and grasp organizational problems more clearly. We also facilitate the process of diagnosis and promote the development and implementation of a remedy.

Strategic Communication Consulting – Effective communications drive all organizational initiatives and especially change management. Org-ology approaches communications with a focus on achieving and reinforcing business results. We define audiences, methods and content based on strategic organizational goals. Communications are critical to effectively implementing any training and development goals.

Strategy & Operations Practice 

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