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Organization design is a critical organizational capability in today’s dynamic global economy. Org-ology is pleased to present the comprehensive organization design course accredited by the International Organizational Design Community (ODC) program for those interested in acquiring this important competency.


Organization design has been a focus of research and teaching at Org-ology for the past 20 years. Org-ology work has consisted of numerous studies that have explored, defined, and assessed new organizational forms and corporate structures that have spanned decades in which economy disruptions, globalization and today’s knowledge-based economy are defined by. Org-ology researchers have contributed some of the foundational research on high performance systems; team-based organizations and other lateral designs, collaboration; self-forming and planned networks; inter-organizational designs, organizing for knowledge leadership; customer focused designs; global designs; and, most recently, designs for agility and sustainability.


A fundamental of our design program and research is that organizations must consider the impact of their design choices not only on business performance, but also on employees, customers, and the communities and societies in which they operate. Since 2010, Org-ology has also viewed a time dimension to the understanding of organization design, as organizations have to confront the challenges of sustainability and agility. They must build designs that can foster high performance into the future in the areas of financial, social, and ecological outcomes. 

Many organizations have multiple graduates of the program. Our organization design training program has also attracted an international group of companies from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.


A number of corporations have established partnerships with Org-ology to help them design more extensive in-house organization design capabilities. These partnerships may entail a mixture of sending multiple people to gain organization design training or in our public programs, in-house tailored design workshops, shadow consulting to some global organization design projects, the development of company specific cases, organization design cases.


Curriculum Overview

The Organization Design Training Program consists of the following three parts:



You will learn: 

- The theory and tools of organization design work, including organizational strategic alignment, a language for organizational roles and relationships, the tests of good organization design and tools for defining decision responsibilities.

- The process of organization design – the steps of good analysis and design, who should be involved, how long it should take, how change should be communicated and the roles in the process.

- The process of organization redesign and change – the steps of good analysis and decision making, who should be involved and when, how long it should take and the relationship to effectiveness, how change should be communicated and the roles in the process.



You will learn:

Design Concepts and Principles

- Linking organizational structures and processes to organizational performance

Design Concepts and Principles / Organizing:

Design Concepts and Principles / Design Thinking:

Design Concepts and Principles / Design Processes:

Design Concepts and Principles / Frameworks linking organizational structures and processes to organizational purpose (form follows function):

Design Concepts and Principles / Contingency and multi-contingency theory:

Design Concepts and Principles / Fit and Misfit:

Design Concepts and Principles / Agility:

Design Concepts and Principles / Digitization:

Organizational Design Methodologies:



You will learn:

End-to-End Organizational Design Approach:

- This is a proven multi phased approach that is both flexible and specific that allows it to be tailored to the organizations needs

Phase 1 (Future State Vision & Concept) Roadmap:

- Approach to Pressure Testing and Model Evaluation:

Phase 2 (Detailed Design and Change Management) Roadmap:

Phase 3 (Transitioning to the New Model) Roadmap and Overarching Project Methodology & Approach:

Phase 4 Overarching Project Methodology & Approach

Redesign and Change:



Candidates’ benefit from being taught by Org-ology’s internationally recognized leaders. Org-ology faculty members have authored numerous books and articles on organization design, project management, change management and organizational effectiveness, including current work on designing for knowledge leadership, designing the strategic human resource function, building strategic change capabilities, and organization development.


Please contact us for additional information.

Organization Specific Organization Design Comprehensive Course

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  • Cost is Per-Person - Minimum number of participants 8 is required. Location will be at your location or a location identifed and arranged by your organization.


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