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(In-Person) Organization Design Course (Hamburg, Germany) Sept 23rd-25th 2024

(in-Person) Organization Design Comprehensive Certificate Course

“Success rate for organizational redesign efforts is less than 25%”

“51% of organization will attempt reorganization within the next year”

Harvard Business Review


Organization design is a critical organizational capability in today’s dynamic ever changing world. Org-ology is pleased to present the comprehensive organization design course accredited by the International Organizational Design Community (ODC) program for those interested in acquiring this important competency.


The goal of this course is to offer participants a comprehensive overview of essential organization design methodologies and give them guided consulting support to approach their current workplace design challenges.


The course structure includes class sessions, independent reading and exercises, discussion and custom consulting working on each individual’s workplace design challenges. By the end of this course participants will have an comprehensive overview of essential organization design methodologies and have been coached through a custom application and planning process for their unique needs.


Day 1 session:

  • (Starting time 9:30 AM Local) Fundamental Building Blocks of Organization Design

An introduction to the breadth and depth of aspects that can be considered in an organization design: question all of your assumptions

  • Describe organizational design choices within a workplace and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages
  • List the range of choices and impacts that can be made through organizational design

Diagnosing an Organization

A successful intervention begins with an honest assessment of the environment.

  • Describe the essential factors of the organization design diagnosis process
  • Use key tools and techniques of organization design to diagnose gaps and needs


Independent readings and exercises will expand on this. Follow-up questions and discussion will be covered in the following virtual session


Day 2 Session

(Starting time 9:30 AM Local) Design Tools

Selected design tools, structures and options

  • Describe the key ideas and principles applied to organization design
  •  Implementing an Organization Design

An overview of the mechanics, test-and-retest, change management and project management needed to execute organization design

  • Describe how an organization design is tested and rated for suitability and quality
  • Describe how the interacting gears of an organization design use change management, stakeholder management and project management to deploy and implement an organization design


Day 3 Session:

(Starting time 9:30 AM Local) Analyzing and Framing the Workplace Need

Participants present their unique workplace needs in a supportive format of expert consultants and fellow participants. As a group tools, techniques and opportunities of organizational design are considered and evaluated.

  • Present your workplace need to the workshop group
  • Give and receive insight and ideas for how organization design can be implemented

Presenting a Plan

Participants present their plan for workplace application.


Post-course continuing support

Participants will be offered 2 post-course consulting sessions of 1.5 hours of additional support: these will be agreed-upon on an individual basis



Total contact hours: 24

Expected independent work: 12

Follow-on consulting hours: 3


Once you have completed the accredited course from Organizational Design Community (ODC) you have the opportunity to receive the following:

  • ODC Certificate Of Completion showing that you have completed an accredited organization design course – one of only seven ODC accredited courses globally
  • One year FREEnon-voting membership benefits in Organization Design Community (ODC) – the only global organization design professional and academic association, which include:
  • FREEaccess to the ODC annual conference, FREEparticipation in ODC webinars and access to all our newsletters and Forum
  • Updated LinkedIn profile showing you have completed an accredited organization design course



Candidates’ benefit from being taught by Org-ology’s internationally recognized leaders. Org-ology faculty members have authored numerous books and articles on organization design, project management, change management and organizational effectiveness, including current work on designing for knowledge leadership, designing the strategic human resource function, building strategic change capabilities, and organization development.


Please contact us for additional information.

(In-Person) Organization Design Course (Hamburg, Germany) Sept 23rd-25th 2024

  • Cost is Per-Person

  • If you would like to pay in Euro please reach out to to process €2000 payment

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